Our company aims to provide our customers with freedom. Freedom to do what they want without having to worry. That is our job. The people in our team each have their field of expertise. Some of our areas of expertise are physical-, technical-, cyber- and personal security, medical competence, logistics, investigation and analysis. We know that providing security for a family consists of a lot more than building high fences and installing advanced alarm systems. That’s why we believe there is no universal security package that suits everyone. Your potensial threats are unfortunately as unique as yourself. Some people have a lot of them, others have few. Our job is to reveal all potensial threats, and take the necessary measures. Our philosophy is that we live in the world’s safest country, in an unsafe world. The measures we take will always be balanced, and based on a solid foundation.

Our foremost task is to protect you and your loved ones, and we believe that with the help of analysis, balanced measures, training and follow-ups, we provide our customers with what they want; Freedom to live the life they desire.



S.I.P Group delivers manual and technical security solutions tailored to every customer. These services are primarily aimed at wealthy individuals and their families, other high-profile people as well as celebrities, business executives and key people in risky businesses in Norway, as well as Norwegian-based activities in risky areas abroad. Specifically, these services include the protection of life and health, reputation and material values.

The company consists of highly skilled people, practitioners, academics, and an operational crew who complement each other. The company’s operational staff have police education and experience in technical, as well as tactical, investigation.

To ensure an efficient execution of our services, we continuously keep up to date on our customer needs, their threat situation, current security solutions, and ensure high and relevant competence amongst the company’s employees.

Information and knowledge about the customer’s internal organization, business, private and public relations, risk factors and other relevant elements of importance are gathered and updated in a secure database.


SIP Group AS was established in 2014 as a private, non-listed Norwegian-registered limited liability company. The company’s chairman is Henning Kristiansen. LST Revisjon AS is elected as the company’s auditor.


You can contact us by phone, email, or through the contact form below, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

453 77 100

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Sandstuveien 70F,
0680 Oslo, Norway

Phone: + 47 453 77 100